unique non toy gift for kids such as a date night with a parent

The Best Non Toy Gift for Kids [The Gift for the Child who Has Everything]

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The Best Non Toy Gift for Kids and how to make a Unique gift for your Child!

Are you tired of giving your kid toys? Are you looking for a unique gift idea for your child?  I’m going to teach you how to make an amazing non toy gift for kids that will have them falling more and more in love with you each month!  While I’m sure I’m not the first to come up with this brilliant idea (yes I said brilliant), The idea I’m about to present to you blew my mind, and I’m wishing I had thought of it earlier. 

As a mom who likes her life organized and despises clutter, I was tired of the toys my daughter never seemed to play with.  I wanted a unique gift idea for my daughter, that wouldn’t break the bank, and wasn’t a toy or possession.  I also knew my parents and in-laws could cover us in the toy department.

It was Christmas time and I was trying to think of “the big gift” for my daughter.  My son was only 2, so he was easy, he didn’t have everything yet, and he wouldn’t know the difference anyways.  My daughter it seemed like had blossomed into a full blown little girl who had all of the worldly possessions at her fingertips. I needed a creative gift for her that wasn’t another thing to take up space in my house. 

Are you looking for a good gift idea for kids that isn't a toy? This non toy gift for kids is great for the kid who has everything. If you don't want to clutter your house with more stuff, get creative with this unique gift idea for your child that you can make.  Your kid will love it and it won't cost you a lot! #giftideas #kidgifts #childgiftideas

A little background about our past…(no we are not rich)

I should probably start with a little history about my husband and I.  We grew up in poverty, both of us.  We were blessed with the possessions we did have, and we had very hard working parents.  There weren’t exorbitant family vacations or big fancy birthday parties.  My husband and I both paid our way through college via student loans (and are still paying them off FYI).

Now that we are parents and able to hold stable jobs in the education field (until a computer replaces us), we are pulling ourselves out of our pasts financially.  We’re able to provide more for our children which makes us incredibly happy that we can provide experiences and all that we do have for them.  My children are also very blessed to have grandparents that put the cherries on top.  My children are the first grandkids on either side, and therefore get spoiled galore.  I try to keep things in check by focusing on gifting experiences to my children whenever I can. This is why I thought I would share this non toy gift for kids with you because so far it has been a huge hit with my daughter!

I’ve already written a post about some amazing non toy gifts for kids that you can check out HERE, but this particular gift is a unique gift idea for children, and it won’t cost a lot to put it together. All you need is some envelopes and paper. Yes, you will be making this gift!

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The Unique Non Toy Gift for the Kid Who Has Everything

Alright, alright, what is this amazing non toy gift idea?  A year of date nights with mom and dad!

How does that work you ask?  Well, it’s easy actually.  You get 12 envelopes and label them one for every Month of the year.  Then you need to come up with some ideas of things to do with your kid. After all you can’t have date nights without ideas. And don’t do IOU format, it means more if you give it some forethought.

See the point of this entire gift is that the child gets to spend quality time with you, and your partner (if you have one).  Spending time with both parents is good too if you can swing it.  

In my home we have two kids, so the idea is that while one parent takes my daughter out, the other stays with my son.  Essentially both kids get to spend quality time with each parent.  My son got a gift out of it incidentally, even though I didn’t make envelopes for him (he’s 2, it would’ve been pointless).

Ice skating is a great non toy gift for kids because they love to be active.
Ice Skating can be a fun activity with your child.

Quality time is priceless

You might be saying “I get to spend quality time with my kids all the time,” (especially with COVID lol), but do you ever really do things with just ONE of your children?  If you have a large crew of kids, this is a fantastic idea to help each child feel valued and special.  You and your significant other can divvy up the date nights so you get time with each child one-on-one.  Believe me when I say your children will LOVE this idea.

So what kinds of things could you do on your date night with your child?

First of all it doesn’t have to be a “night” activity, and if you care about bedtime routine, you may wish to avoid them all together.  Sometimes the allure of staying up a little later goes a long way to help the child feel special too.  You could just let them stay up late with you and watch a movie with some popcorn, if you want to stay in. You just have to think about your child, what they might like to do, and then make a list.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Ice Skating
  2. Horseback Riding Lesson
  3. Virtual Golf or Driving Range
  4. Breakfast/Lunch or Dinner Out with one parent
  5. Movie Theater
  6. Zoo, Aquarium or Museum
  7. Concert
  8. Going for a Hike or Geocaching
  9. Going to the theater to watch a show or play
  10. Shopping/ Mall trip
  11. Fishing
  12. Kayaking or Canoeing (Outdoor adventures)
  13. Laser tag
  14. Arcade/Game venue (like Dave & Busters)
  15. Manicure/Pedicure 
  16. Mom or Dad’s Choice
  17. Kid’s Choice
Are you looking for a good gift idea for kids that isn't a toy? This non toy gift for kids is great for the kid who has everything. If you don't want to clutter your house with more stuff, get creative with this unique gift idea for your child that you can make.  Your kid will love it and it won't cost you a lot! #giftideas #kidgifts #childgiftideas

You may wish to purchase a good fitting helmet if you are going to be taking your child horseback riding frequently. Safety first!

A good non toy gift for kids is to do an activity with them like taking them to the driving range.
The Driving Range is a relatively inexpensive activity to do with your child.

Basically there are a million ideas of things you could do and it would depend on the age of your child, their interests, and the area you live in.  Some activities cost money, and others don’t have to.  The best non toy gifts for kids are experiences and I promise you your kid won’t forget these.

A Little Story to Prove my Point

While opening a series of envelopes was not exactly thrilling for my five-year old at Christmas, once I read her the certificates I made, she was all smiles.  She quickly took her envelopes and put them carefully in the bedside table drawer.  She was excited by the idea of getting to spend time with just mommy or just daddy.

January’s Date

In January, I was up first.  I had chosen Ice Skating as our activity.  We did it last year and she loved it.  I figured ice-skating wouldn’t be too affected by COVID since it’s mainly a solo or small group activity and you don’t want to be around the other skaters anyways.  A week or so in advance I reminded her that it was my date night this month and we were going ice skating.  She was so jazzed that’s all she could talk about.  The time came and she had a blast.  She was so happy to spend time with me, while her younger brother had to take a nap, and do something fun just her and I.

So I thought January was a hit, but when February came around I was pleasantly surprised at what happened next. 

February Date

My daughter’s February date was with my husband, and it was a “meal out together.”  We’ve been fortunate enough to bring our children to many restaurants since they were little and they’re so well behaved it’s almost disturbing. 

Anyways, when she found out it was date night with daddy, she was ecstatic!  My husband laid it on thick.  He let her choose the restaurant (she chose Applebee’s), let her choose his clothes that he wore, and even bought her some flowers.  She was so excited all day asking me to help her get ready.  She wore her best outfit, put on her favorite jewelry and she even asked me if she could wear a little make up (yes, she has play make up).  

Long story short, they had a great time.  My husband was so happy that we opted for this gift idea because it really was a nice unique time to spend with her. 

In the same token, I also got to take my son out just him and me.  I took him to a closer local restaurant, dressed him in his best sweater, and we snacked on pizza and mozzarella sticks.  It was the first time he had been to a restaurant I think since COVID started, and his manners were impeccable.  I couldn’t be prouder of him, and he was a perfect date.

How to set up date nights for your next child's gift. Non toy gift for kids that anyone can do.
My daughter and husband ready for Date Night!

Unique gifts for the child who has everything

I promise you a mommy and daddy date night  is a non toy gift for kids that will not disappoint.  Your children want your time and attention.  I swear they honestly play with toys just to pass the time when you can’t entertain them.  Remember how you felt when you had them initially, they were your whole world and made you so happy.  That is how they feel about you each and every day.  

Yes your children rely on you for a lot, but being able to give them the gift of love and attention will never fail.  Focus on choosing ideas for them that are geared towards their interests.  

I would love to hear how this works out for you, or drop some other amazing date night ideas in the comments!  I’m going to be doing this again next year and I’d love to mix it up!

Are you looking for a good gift idea for kids that isn't a toy? This non toy gift for kids is great for the kid who has everything. If you don't want to clutter your house with more stuff, get creative with this unique gift idea for your child that you can make.  Your kid will love it and it won't cost you a lot! #giftideas #kidgifts #childgiftideas

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